How to buy

Step 1: Choose

Check out my current artwork on my website or on instagram and email me which one you would like as a print or original by clicking the mail icon in the menu or writing to directly.

Alternatively, you can send me a description of what you have in mind and I can create a digital artwork (low budget) or an analog one according to your ideas.

Step 2: Let’s chat

I like to write with people interested in art and make sure that I can fulfill the ideas before proposing a sale. What the buyer will receive from me in advance: a final price, a photo of the artwork (or a digital preview) and all the information you would like to have. In the end, both should be happy.

We can do this via mail as well as instagram private messages. As you like.

Step 3: The buying process

If both are sure that a purchase is made (I always prefer to ask again), you can tell me your preferred payment method and I will write an invoice which you will then receive by mail and / or post. After the payment is received, the artwork will be shipped.

Step 4: Shipping

The shipping of the artwork is insured and CO2 neutral. The shipping code will be communicated by mail as soon as the artwork is on its way. I also make sure that the packaging protects the artwork and is sustainable at the same time.

The shipping time is usually:
Within Germany 7 days
Within the EU 14 days
Outside the EU up to 30 days


Please let me know when the artwork has arrived and you are happy. If not, then you can always write to me and we can work out together how to resolve the issue to our mutual satisfaction.

You should receive your artwork with a certificate of authenticity, lovingly packaged and with a few gimmicks. 🙂